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Dragonlance Sue of when the Update occured

Dragonlance Sues need to be Flambéed

I am tolerant of a great many things, Kender included, but there is one thing that irks me to a head meets wall rage. Suethors and their Sues, with gods awful grammar and crap!spelling. I'm also tired of those Suethors rewriting the gods accursed novels. Sues and Stus don't make this dragon happy.

I haven’t been into the Dragonlance section in the Pit in I dunno how long. I do know that there is nothing there but the entire Chronicles rewritten with Sues thrown in. I don’t want to reread the Dragonlance novels, if I did, I would pick my Chronicles up and read them. No I don’t want to read your crappy Sues either.

Q: Who the hell do you think you are?
A: Just a person who is tired of all the destitute writing attempts and Sue fics.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Because I’m tired of seeing Raistlin being raped by Suethors! The man is sick enough without the added help. That and all the crap fics keep lowering my IQ. I discovered I am confusing my homophones. I need a beta reader for this LJ because of the Crap!fics.

Q: What’s a Mary Sue?
A: A Mary Sue (or an "original character", the polite term) is a fan inserted character (usually female) badly written into a fandom via a really bad fanfic. A Mary Sue is usually the picture perfect person that the Author most likely would like to become. Mary Sues usually get all the guys they want, no matter how, no matter if the character is "taken" or not. Mary Sues usually are AMAZING people, have AMAZING traits, save the world, become the lover of “Insert abused Character here.”

Q: How does your Rating system work?
A: If I actually crack a smile, no matter how horrid a story is, there will be a rating of three or below. If the story gets a one, then a miracle has occurred. Still, I am working out the kinks in the ranting system, since I am still new to this.

Rating 1:

Not that bad, not good either; tolerable is a good description.


Rating 2:

I feel nauseated.


Rating 3:

I think I am going spew now. At least you can spell....


Rating 4:

My eyes hurt, and are oozing out of my skull.


Rating 5:

My Brain is fried, gee, thanks.


Rating 6:

Stop writing. Drink some bleach and get out of the gene pool.


Rating OMGWTF:

For one of THOSE stories. You know, the ones that make you absolutely sure the
Suethor is on crack.

Q: I found a really bad Dragonlance Sue! I think you should report it!
A: Y3Y! Please send an e-mail to Fourheaddragongod AT yahoo DOT com, with the said Sue and you might see her soon, fully flamed.

A: And? I care? No really, I hate Sues, I would rather read Twincest than read about “Insert character here” and your damn Sue. Seriously, the Dragons, no matter how evil, won’t eat them.

Q: But I'm only *insert age here*!
A: That makes a difference how? You could be 10 to 30, or 100 for all I care. When you upload the fanfic, it doesn't matter what age you are. I will torch your butt if I think it umm, worthy.

A: Yeah, that really hearts hurts my feelings. I may let you stick around for a few minutes before I ban your happy ass. Say what you want to say, then GTFO! I will keep your flame for those long winter months when I am too lazy to chop firewood.

Q: Your a BITCH!
A: Yup; and? You have a point to make? Were you expecting me to be nice? See what happens when you assume anything.

Q: I want to fix my really bad Mary Sue. Can you help me?
A: oc_analysis is a great place to get help.

Any questions? No, good then.